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Subject: Farm Family 6All rights reserved by author. You must be of legal age to read or please
move on. Contains Male on Male unprotected sex. Do be safe at all times.
This is not a true story. Meet with the Author Kevin Kelly Second Sunday
of each month at " Uncle's" a Gay bar in Philadelphia, Pa. locust and
Comac sts. between 12th and 13th on Locust. 2 to 4 PM. Talk enjoy.
write just stop on by ask for Kev.The rest of the day went along briskly. We were kept really busy moving
the preteen lolita picture galleries stock and the Farm nude lolita free galleries equipment. I was feeling all kinds of mixed
emotions. I'd known nothing but the Farm all my life, Knew each Animal,
Each piece of equipment as if they all had a personality of their own? I
was sad to see this part of Our lives coming to preteen underage top lolita an end. Yet thrilled with
the new life which beaconed to Us. The promise of fantastic sex now with
my two Brothers and who know Maybe even my handsome Dad and His new Buddy
It was a rare moment when I could be alone with one of my
Brothers but with each the moment we were alone the Subject of my asian lolitas pics Dad and
Frank came up.Jed wiping sweat from his eye brow. " What do You make of Dad and this
Frank sleeping together?I looked around to make sure nobody could over hear and replied. " I
think Old Dad is really going to go whole hog on this Gay resort thing
and join on in."Jed threw me a stern look then lightened up and smiled. " I sure wouldn't
mind suck on either one of their balls. Fuck they are both real studs."I was putting my hand on Jed's ass feeling his crack saying. " Yea well I
got a promise from you on this hot ass of Yours remember?Jed was patting his front pocket and said. " Kevin I got me a tube of KY
right in this pocket. Lets head up to Your room and get it on. I am so
fucking horny for You cock."How strange it was to be free to talk like this with Jed now. My cock was
already hard as a rock just touching his round firm ass. We made an
excuse to be away a little while. Eric gave Us a big grin letting Us know
He knew what was up with Us. I walked behind Jed my eyes burning on his
round creampie loli pre under high ass as We went to My room.The door closed behind Us and Jed
pulled me into his arms and we shared a tongue in mouth kiss. My handsome
Farm Boy Brother was pressing his big cock into mine. Now was my turn to
be the rapist. I was nervously undoing his belt and his jeans opening
them so His big cock was now free. I pulled off both our shirts and
turned Jed around. he was handing me the tube of KY and my pants down
around my boots now I came up my cock lining up now after i had greased
it with Jed's hole. I pulled his hips back to my cock and my dick head
was entering into Jed's tight ass hole. He was bent over ready for my
fucking. His tight pussy lips were forming and closing around my bare
skinned prick as I came into his tight love tunnel. His moans as my cock
came into him drove me on and on until now my whole 8 inches were deep up
inside my handsome blonde older brother's pussy hole and I was pulling
his hips back onto my big dick fucking his tight boy pussy. I was
alternating from laying prone on his bare back and fucking into him to
standing up and slamming my big thick cock deep up inside Him." Oh fuck Jed Your pussy is so wonderful. Yea Man I love this tight hot
hole of Yours. You like my big bare cock fucking your tight hole Bro?Jed " OH God Yes Kevin slam that big prick up my hole Man Yea fuck me
Kevin Fuck me Man. Yes please I love your cock."Me slamming him raw now really pounding my prick in that tight hole.
" Get ready Bro. Your getting a load of MY Farm Boy cream.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Yessssssssssss" i creamed as my cum load
shot through the length of my cock up into Jed's hole filling him with my
Cum load.
The door flew open and We heard Frank's voice saying " Oh God.
Oh Sorry Boys I must have gotten the wrong room?Jed pulled free of my dripping cock pulling up his jeans and turning He
said. " Frank please don't say anything to Dad about this. Ah what we
were doing? Frank's eyes were on my dripping cock as I was holding it out
letting Him have a good look. I knew as a Gay man he was hooked and I
said. " You can have some of this if You keep quite? Our Cary Grant look
alike employee now was on his knees eating my cock back up to full force
and moaning His pleasure at the taste of my teen cock in his mouth. Jed
came up next to me smiling and dropping his pants around his boots and he
put his cock head to mine and now Frank had the two of our hard cocks in
his hot mouth and was in fag heaven. The combination of Frank's moist
sucking mouth and the feel of Jed's cock head moving over mine in Frank's
mouth soon had me over the edge again and my cum load was shooting over
Jed's cock head in Frank's mouth and down his throat. Then Jed was
crinkling up his handsome face as He was shooting his own load down the
man's throat and over my cock head in his mouth. We quickly pulled
ourselves together as We all heard foot steps in the hall out side My
room Stepping out it was Dad in the hall. Jed said. " Dad we were just
showing Frank her Kevin's room." he seemed to buy it and we all headed
down to finish up the sale.
By 6 PM the selling was complete and the place now empty of all
Our Animals and equipment. We drove into town for a fancy dinner on the
profits and had a great time. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Frank. he
really was a handsome looking Man. His mouth had felt so good around my
cock. I was thinking what a lucky man Dad was top be sleeping with this
stud tonight. I made a promise to get my cock sucked again with that hot
mouth of Frank's. For his part Dad was being cool. Not letting on one way
or the other about if He was or wasn't' Gay or at least into Male on
Male? The tension was killing me. I had to admit I was really holding a
big time crush on My Dad. Even more so now that I've been having sex with
my Brothers. I wasn't sure how long I could keep up this game? I wanted
Dad and Frank so bad even knowing Jed and Eric would be fucking around
all night. My appetite for cock was way out of control now. All through
the meal I was able fairly well to keep up the banter. But my mind and my
dick couldn't erase the image of Frank sucking on my cock. I was looking
at my handsome Father preteen non nude lolitas too. So strong and powerfully built that blonde
thick head of hair and arms like a vice." I've got to go to the Men's room guy's so excuse me? I announced.I was standing up and Dad stood up lollita nude free pictures
saying . " Same here Kevin I'll go
with You."We were alone in the small Men's room there were just two urinals and We
stood side by side. I of course took the opportunity to look discretely
over at Dad's cock as he held it pissing I nearly gasped as I saw the big
flared cock head of His. Much bigger then I ever imagined. He must have a
piss hard on i thought as his cock was thick and hard must have beat
Jed's 11 inches by at least an inch. I must have not been as discrete as
i thought cause Dad elbowed me on the arm saying." You like what You see Kevin? He was waving it up and down for me." Yea Dad its really one hell of a big cock You got there. Hell Our bull
wasn't that hung."Dad laughed and said. " You should feel how heavy it is right now?MY mind and my body were now taken over by my sexual urges. I just
reached over and actually held my Dad's big steel hard cock. he let go
and allowed me to feel his monster cock and I turned towards him and with
my other hand held and cupped his big hairy balls. Dad was moaning along
with me as I now freely was feeling his big bare cock.I've only been into cocks a few days now and Here I was in a restaurant
men's room feeling up my own Dad's big prick. I was just about to go down
on my knees and take his big bare dick into my mouth when we heard the
outer bathroom door open. We both quickly got together and just in time
as an older man came in. Out side in the hall before going back to the
table Dad said " Look Kevin what was happening in there. Ah I liked it
and if You want We'll get alone later at home and finish it up. But We
can't let Your Brothers know. OK"I smiled and nodded. My stomach was all in knots knowing I would soon be
eating my Daddy's big Irish cock That night. Back at the table Eric
looked at me and me just smiled and He seemed to know by the surprised
look on His face? Jed was looking at the exchange between us two and His
face spread in a knowing smile. Dad gave me a wink from across the dinner
table.Write with comments and ideas. No Flames are answered or
wanted. Give You extreme hard child loli age for legal reasons and a photo of the Author will be
sent.Read opening for instructions on meeting in person with the Author. Check
out my other stories in by going to authors and scrolling down
to Kevin. Please do support Nifty and keep this wonderful site going.
Kevin Kelly
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